Our Mission

Disaster Solutions International continually strives to be the best natural disaster recovery service available. We are a collection of successful business owners who understand the ramifications of not having access to able assistance in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Our history of service, combined with our "hands-on" experience, has provided us with the knowledge to build an infrastructure that enables us to offer the best possible recovery service available.

The ability to expand our services to meet the individual needs of our clients is crucial to a successful recovery. The mulitple threats to your business resulting from a major power outage dictates the plan of action. Satellite uplink computer networks, GPS-equipped vehicles, satellite telephones, food service and temporary office space are a small sample of what we offer our clients.

Single Point of Contact and Accountability

Disaster Solutions International believes that accountability is key to providing the kind of service to best serve our clients. When you recognize us as your recovery team, you won't just be another victim. You will have a dedicated and experienced team that will customize a recovery plan to suit your specific requirements. Whether you are attempting to recover your business, provide a service, maintain communication, protect your assets or manage any other community function, we have the experienced staff and equipment to accomplish your goal. We are not burdened with political correctness or the trickle down service provided by local, state and federal authorities. Accountability will not be buried in stacks of paperwork and a collection of overworked and dazed personnel. Your single point of contact and accountability will be your recovery team manager.

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