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Forward Staging Area

Immediately before, during and after a natural disaster, services we depend on every day are no longer available. DSI gets ahead of the event by staging a self-sufficient command center complete with power, communications, water, ice, food, service, mechanics, cranes, fuel, trucks and the necessary equipment and manpower to maintain mobile distribution.

Experienced Recovery Teams
Our Recovery Teams have years of disaster experience with events of varying intensity and are capable of assisting you with considerably more than power restoration and fuel requirements. Our expertise with respect to flooding, downed power lines and debris-covered roads affords us the ability to manage situations that leave others dazed and confused.
Invaluable knowledge allows our teams to identify and resolve issues on your behalf. We are prepared for issues that are not normally contemplated by the inexperienced prior to the arrival of a catastrophic event. Threats from looting, broken water lines, inoperable security systems, flooded facilities and partially destroyed structures are a small sample of problems that will require resolution.

Site Accessibility
Working in conjunction with local, state and federal authorities we often gain access to sites otherwise denied to the general public. We have "feet on the ground" within hours of the event's passing, making site assessments and initiating the recovery plan and reclamation procedures.

Power Restoration, Our First Priority
We have a wide variety of portable generator systems available with certified electricians on hand to power up your facility. We locate and isolate damaged portions of your electrical distribution and restore power to your critical systems.

Essential Fuel Supply
An ample fuel supply is the life blood of any recovery effort. Whether it is for generators, essential equipment or even gasoline to get your employees to you facility, we are on site with sufficient supplies. We maintain a sophisticated supply chain to insure fuel availability and a mobile fleet to deliver it as needed.

Additional Considerations
Having your key personnel available to help you recover your business is important. Their concern for their families can be relieved by simply including them in the recovery effort. Assistance with their needs with respect to securing their home, food service and the basic necessities will go a long way towards helping them feel comfortable about being away from their families and allowing them to concentrate on thre restoration of your business.
In the aftermath of a disaster, it's evident that every need is critical and time is of the essence. Mindful that your vendors have most likely also suffered the disaster, considerations will be given to securing what you need from them to keep your business operational. We offer reliable communication, fuel and transport requirements to resolve such issues.
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